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Episode 2

2013-01-06 13:32:04 by KoreyC3

It's gonna take a lil longer. Sometime this week. Trying to make it my best. With first person!!!

Episode 2

2013-01-05 21:39:40 by KoreyC3

OK. Episode 2 with come in wayy early. Probably tomarrow. It's gonna have First person!!


2013-01-05 15:23:47 by KoreyC3

Weeeooooo, I feel like animating today!!! Episode 2 will be coming in Next week!!! or less if im in a good mood!! :)

Conviction Ep. 1

2013-01-04 14:18:44 by KoreyC3

I'm working on Episode 1 of Conviction. It's doin okay right now, (With V-cam)

Animate and ps3!

2011-12-17 10:08:37 by KoreyC3

I'm a gamer, Animator. I play PS3. And, I am animating with Macromedia flash pro 8, I'm currently making a series "Conviction."